Help and explanations how to use the route planner

Additional maps and zoom controller
How to load additional maps and scale the map

With the zoom controller in the right column you can enlarge and diminish the map. Additional maps can be chosen from the list and with a click they will be loaded into the map. By keeping the shift key pressed you can load various maps at the same time.

Stage data
Selection of the stage data

Before you calculate a route you have to select a start and a destination, next you select the date and the departure time. In addition you can selects if you want the distances to be displayed in kilometers or miles. Press the button calculate root to load the data out of the database.

Calculated arrival time, distance
The display of the stage data

As soon as the data has been loaded out of the database it will be displayed in the corresponding fields. In additions to arrival date, arrival time, driving time, distance, altitude of the destination the latitude and longitude will be displayed. This information is especially helpful for travelers with GPS receivers.

Elements and legend of the map
Elements and functionality of the map

Start and destination are marked with a flag and the calculated route is displayed in red. In the right upper corner of the map a miniature map is displayed. When you zoom in or out of the map a small rectangle resizes in that map, this demonstrates the part of the map you actually zoomed in. When you hold down the left mouse button you can move the small rectangle and consequently the segment of the map. Or you just click with the mouse arrow in any part of the small map and the segment jumps to the chosen location.

When you click on the Legend button a table of explanatory elements that are use in the map will be displayed.

The menu with the accommodations
The menus of the accommodations and activities

After a route has been calculated the directions will be displayed in the lower left corner. Supplementary accommodations and tours, at the destination, will be displayed in the two lists on the right of the driving directions. You can narrow the displayed results down with several offered criteria. If you click on the name of a accommodation or a tour their website will be opened in an extra window.

In case you are a registered user you can mark your favorite hotels and tours and save the selection. When outputs your whole tour additional helpful information like phone numbers and inner city directions will be displayed.

Saving and printing tours
Saving and printing of tours

When you registered you can save up to 3 tours with each up to 99 stages. If required the stages can be overwritten with new. By selecting of the tours out of the list they will be displayed. If you want to display a whole tour with all its stages just click on the button Show Whole Tour. It might be useful to print this page before traveling to Costa Rica.

Road conditions and additional information
Road conditions and additional information

Further information about the road conditions and possible dangers will be displayed with the directions. In addition unpaved roads are colored differently on the map.

Selecting alternative routs always tries to display the shortest connections between start and destination. If you want to travel on a different route than displayed you just have to break down your trip in more stages. For example you don't wont to take the route that suggests for the journey from town A to town B. Instead you would prefer to take a route that passes through town C. Cut down your journey into tow routes, at first you calculate the route from town A to town C and then from town C to town B.

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