Jaco Beach - Costa Rica

The beach town of Jaco Beach is one of the closest beaches to San Jose. For sure this is one of the reasons why it is equally popular among Costa Ricans and tourists. It gets crowded in Jaco Beach especially during Christmas and Easter week. A hotel reservation is necessary at that time of the year.

The beach is patroled by life guards, currents can be tricky in Jaco Beach.

Jaco Beach is close to many world class surf spots and the waves in Jaco Beach can be excellent, too. This is the best place in Costa Rica to obtain a new or a used surfboard. Numerous surf shops have a wide collection of boards.

Another option is to rent a board in Jaco Beach, again there are several rental places competing for customers. Repair shops and shapers that sell their own brands have positioned themselves in this beach town, too.

Making holidays like the ticos...

Jaco Beach also offers several souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, discos, night clubs, internet cafes, tour operators and hotels. There are several restaurants that are open 24 hours. Many tourists stay in Jaco Beachon on their way to beaches further to the south, like Manuel Antonio. In Jaco Beach one won’t find the remoteness that many people search for in Costa Rica. But it is not only a town full of tourists, a large number of the visitors are Costa Ricans. The beach is patroled by life guards, currents can be tricky in Jaco Beach.

When the sun rises the first joggers pour onto the beach in Jaco Beach, together with some surfers. A bit later the first soccer matches start on the beach. Sunbathers flock to the beach, some only get up when it's time for another beer at the next soda or supermarket. In many Costa Ricans families grandparents had already gone regularly to the beach in Jaco Beach. This tradition has been passed to younger generations and lives on. It is much more common among Costa Ricans to drive to the pacific coast and not to the Caribbean coast. Customs are one reason for that.

Plus the Route 27 makes it easier and faster to get to the beach.

Jaco Beach on the map

Jaco Beach on the map

Facts about Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

  • Jaco Beach is freqented by many visitors from San Jose.
  • The beach of Jaco Beach is patroled by life guards.

Driving times and distances

  • Distance from San Jose to Jaco Beach: 100.2 kilometers respectively 62.2 miles.
  • Travel time from San Jose to Jaco Beach: 1.57 hours.
  • Distance from Liberia to Jaco Beach: 182.3 kilometers respectively 113.3 miles.
  • Travel time from Liberia to Jaco Beach: 3.25 hours.