Speed camera location map of Costa Rica

In addition to several mobile speed traps Costa Rica installed several stationary speed cameras in 2011. The map below shows the locations of the fixed speed cameras in Costa Rica.

Be aware of when the speed limit changes significantly. These are where most speed camera fines are incurred. For example, when a 80km/h limit turns into a 60km/h limit when road-works invoke a temporary limit or as the road goes through a village.

Bear in mind that trucks in other lanes frequently obscure speed limit signs. The main way to avoid getting a fine from a speed camera is of course to always stay below the speed limit at all times. If a camera catches you in Costa Rica, it may cost you more than you thought. Motorists have 10 business days to appeal fines. Marchamo cannot be paid, at the end of the year, if there are any outstanding traffic tickets issued against the car.

Speed traps are becoming more frequent in Costa Rica with both fixed speed cameras and mobile radars in use. Drive safely and obey the traffic laws.

Hopefully this map will help you to avoid those speeding tickets in Costa Rica.