Tortuguero - Costa Rica

The village is located at the northern end of Tortuguero National Park. In the past Tortuguero was only populated by loggers and fishermen, now it has completely adjusted to favor tourism. Hotels, bars, restaurants, discos and souvenir shops can now all be found in town.

Tortuguero is best reached by boat from Moin or Cariari. During this trip one can observe some wildlife. On the first stretch mostly Egrets, Seabirds and Monkeys, later on one can spot Toucans, Iguanas and Sea Turtles. People that only have limited time to spend in Costa Rica can travel to Tortuguero by plane and enjoy the view of the canals from the air.

From May through October the turtles are the main attraction in Tortuguero. The Leatherback turtle visits from May through June and from July through October the Green Sea turtle comes to lay their eggs in the sands of the beach.

The turtles come at night to lay their eggs and only guided groups are allowed to watch them.

Spending the night in the national park...

Boat tours through the canals of Tortuguero are an impressive experience. One can rent a canoe on your own or participate in a professional guided tour. More comfortable, but still quiet, are trips with boats that are powered by an electric motor. Toucans, Crocodiles, Caimans, Green Lapas, Monkeys and many other animals can all be observed from the water.

The long beach of Tortuguero is wonderful for long walks, Swimmers should watch out for strong currents. This part of the Pacific Ocean is heavily populated with sharks!

Tortuguero on the map

Tortuguero on the map

Facts about Tortuguero, Costa Rica

  • Translated the name Tortuguero means "place, that is visited by the turtles".
  • Tortuguero can only be reached by boat or airplane.