Tamarindo Beach - Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach has a long tradition as a beach vacation spot, primarily among tourists from North America. There even is a Burger King in town, which caused protests among residents and expats. They are worried that Tamarindo Beach will be completely Americanized and alienated.

The wide sand beach is shaded by Tamarindo Beach trees. The presence of these trees explains the name of the town. The north end of Tamarindo Beach beach borders Playa Grande which is separated from Tamarindo Beach beach by the Rio Matapalo. Playa Grande is part of Las Baulas National Park, one of the most important turtle nesting areas on the whole Pacific coast.

The leatherback turtle is the worldst biggest sea turtle. It is called leatherback because it does not have a common bony carapace but its carapace is covered by its thick, leathery skin with embedded minuscule bony plates.

Tamarindo Beach has it all: restaurants, bars, discos, surf schools, tour operators, language schools, accommodations and a casino.

Surfing, diving, sport fishing and much more...

The choice of tours and activities offered is diverse: diving courses, sailing trips, deep sea fishing, boat trips to abandoned surf spots, etc..

The waves at Tamarindo Beach have already been featured in the surfer flick Endless Summer. Surfing conditions are great in Tamarindo Beach. Those who still have energy in the evening can go dancing in the disco or try your luck in the casino. The accommodations available in Tamarindo Beach range mainly in the medium and upper price range while the selection of lower priced cabinas and hotels is limited.

Tamarindo Beach is a fixed location for the National Surfing Championship, aside from other international competitions that are held at this well known spot. Sportfishing tournaments are a regular event in Tamarindo Beach, too. Promoters take advantage of the fact that the town has the infrastructure to keep participants entertained when the tournaments are not actively keeping them busy.

Tamarindo Beach on the map

Tamarindo Beach on the map

Facts about Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

  • Some scenes from the surfer movie Endless Summer were filmed in Tamarindo Beach.
  • The leatherback turtle visits the neighboring beaches of Tamarindo Beach to lay her eggs in their sands.

Driving times and distances

  • Distance from San Jose to Tamarindo Beach: 283.3 kilometers respectively 176.1 miles.
  • Travel time from San Jose to Tamarindo Beach: 6.02 hours.
  • Distance from Liberia to Tamarindo Beach: 76.5 kilometers respectively 47.4 miles.
  • Travel time from Liberia to Tamarindo Beach: 1.42 hours.