Rio Claro - Costa Rica

The Panamericana Highway runs through the town of Rio Claro.
The Panamericana Highway runs through the town of Rio Claro.

Only 33.3 kilometers north of the Panamanian border you can find the small village of Rio Claro.

There is a Methodist church in town where volunteer workers come regularly from the USA to work in community projects.

There are some accommodations and restaurants in Rio Claro, but it is not a major tourist destination.

Don't get confused, the Rio Claro Nature Reserve is located on the Osa Peninsula and not here!

Rio Claro located on the Panamericana Highway more specifically on the Interamericana Highway.

On the Panamericana down to Panama...

The Panamericana Highway connects Alaska with Fireland, only the Darien Gap is not passable by car. The part of the route that runs through Central America is named Interamericana Highway. The Interamericana starts in Mexico and ends in Panama. In Costa Rica the route goes from Penas Blancas through San Jose, San Isidro de El General to Paso Canoas.

The Panamericana in total is 25,750 kilometers long, the Interamericana is 5,470 kilometers and the part that goes through Costa Rica 616 kilometers.

Rio Claro on the map

Rio Claro on the map

Facts about Rio Claro, Costa Rica

  • Rio Claro is located in the province of Puntarenas.
  • The Panamericana passes through Rio Claro.

Driving times and distances

  • Distance from San Jose to Rio Claro: 338.1 kilometers respectively 209.9 miles.
  • Travel time from San Jose to Rio Claro: 5.59 hours.
  • Distance from Liberia to Rio Claro: 420.2 kilometers respectively 261 miles.
  • Travel time from Liberia to Rio Claro: 7.27 hours.

One that plans to cross Costa Rica from north to south can take a shorter route than the Interamericana Highway. From Penas Blancas to Barranca and from there along the coast to Paso Canoas. The section from Barranca to Palmar Norte is called Costanera and, the part between Quepos and Dominical is paved since 2010. A 4x4 is not necessary anymore to drive the whole Costanera.

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